“i was searched about 12 times for no reason”

Here is a youtube video i recorded of an incident with the cops where they abused their power and basically assaulted my friend by grabbing him


here is another angle from that incident


at the G20 protest, i was a friendly peaceful protestor standing up for my rights and showing my cause – animal rights. However i was searched about 12 times for no reason and i was also threatened to be charged for “J walking” when the roads were clearly not busy at all (clear if anything) and i wanted to avoid a 5 minute walk around the block so i crossed and they chased me down with their bikes to try and charge me for it.

Another officer told me to sit down, he told me to put my phone away and didnt want me using it, he told me to sit down and i did, but as i sat down my phone fell, i went to go pick it up and he kicked the phone 5 times away from me across the grass, it was so pathetic seeing a cop behaving that way, it was embarrassing actually.

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