“The complete opposite of what everyone else saw”

I doubt if you’ll print this as it’s the complete opposite of what everyone else saw.

I was outside of the foyer of my apartment on Soho st. when I saw some random cops on bikes riding down. There were about a dozen protesters with some anti-capitalism signs coming up the street and I guess that they were just having a smoke break or in between areas or something.

Anyway, one had a camera and he was trying to put it on the curb and do the self-timer thing for photos. I was going to offer to help but the cop on the bike beat me to it. He took the camera, took a group shot of the protestors and said something because they all laughed then off they went.

It was very calm, peaceful and polite. It made me very proud to be a Toronto citizen knowing that we have great cops on our streets.

that’s it.

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One Response to “The complete opposite of what everyone else saw”

  1. David Fox says:

    I was pulled over on College Street, by a van full of cops, because I was carrying a video camera. They questioned me as to what I was doing and where I worked. They did let me go, but I was indeed afraid for my safety.

    I’ll never trust the Toronto police after that weekend. They were out of control that whole day and failed to protect those who are most vulnerable.

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