Robert Bertuzzi – “police said they had the right to conduct these searches”

I witnessed officers conducting searches, using profiling techniques based on dress, facial hair, hairstyle, of ID and belongings at at least two corners (NW and SW) of Yonge Street and Dundas Street.

This is far, far away from five metre radius from security fence, which the police chief has now admitted lying about, and the act itself is not clear as to whether public sidewalks constitute a public work yet when confronted police said they had the right to conduct these searches which were amazing to watch to see who exactly they were profiling based on appearance.

I have photos that I can send along should you require them.

Second report:

I along with dozens and dozens of other people were on the outer perimeter of the confrontation between police and demonstrators on the south lawn of the legislature late Saturday afternoon, early Saturday evening.

No one to my knowledge based on observation was actively protesting/demonstrating in this area. People had gathered to observe, for a variety of reasons I imagine, and many others just wanted to travel across College to get to the other side of University were simply milling around and asking cops and others how they could get around the blockade on the road.

I arrived at the blockade at about 6:15 p.m. wanting to get to the west end of town to meet up with friends but was early so I decided to mill about and watch. After watching what was going on on the south lawn and talking to people for about an hour police suddenly warned/charged at us “to move back” using their bikes as battering rams. Those that didn’t move fast enough or fell down in the crush of people scrambling away were hit and pepper sprayed for no reason, including the woman to my right who was just ahead of me. I saw the police officer in question kick her three times in the buttocks area without provocation. And these were full force, leg fully extended kicks meant to cause harm.

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