Trevor Grant – “we were staging a peaceful protest when riot police surrounded us on all sides and would not let us leave”

Age: 20

A friend and I were arrested along with about 100 other people outside Novotel hotel Saturday night, which police also said we would al be released later that night, we were staging a peaceful protest when riot police surrounded us on all sides and would not let us leave, we were all sitting down, there were no anarchists, we had no weapons, and made no threatening advances towards them, they gave no warning that we were all being arrested, the line of police would open up, and 4 officers would rush out and violently grab us one by one, pull us behind the line and arrest us. I had my wrist twisted pretty hard while on my knees waiting to be handcuffed, one my hands were bound behind my back, the officer told me to pick up my bag off the ground, I asked how I was supposed to do that, and he responded with “be creative”. We were then told to sit on the ground while we waited for police to take our info, an officer stepped on a guys fingers who was siting beside me on the ground, after an hour of sitting on the ground, I was finally put on a bus with shackles on my feet and handcuffed, we were driven to the detention centre on Eastern avenue, the bus drove by some of the cages which I witnessed young people being dragged into them, as well as 1 cage with 2 people in wheel chairs, with 1 man who must have fallen out of one and was laying on the ground. It took about 8 hours before I got my first cup of water, which people were saying was dirty and had stuff floating in it, for 24 hours we were deprived of food and water, the food was just small sandwiches with cheese and butter, we did not get to make any calls until about 17 hours into out captivity, at one point there were no guards for about 4 hours because apparently they were watching the world cup and telling prisoners the score, whenever we would ask the guards for a phone call, or when we could have a phone call, they would ignore us, same with water and food, the portapottys had no doors on them, and no toilet paper, when I was taken to speak to duty council, I passed a cage which seemed to have 1 girl lying on the floor in pain, an officer then told me the duty council would give me some good legal advice, as well as some advice on trimming my hair.. It was very cold in the detention centre, and the concrete floors were very dirty, after 24 hours we were finally released, but the guards had lost a property bag of mine which had my house keys, debit card, health card, and cell phone, I had no money to get home, no phone to call anyone, and no keys to get in my house, and I live in Oshawa, the relief group outside the detention centre was a big help.

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